Blog Review: Dennis

For this assignment I chose as my blog to review. Mostly I chose it as Dennis writes well in a narrative sense. For a blog, it works and I feel as if I am being told a story and engaged in a conversation rather than forcing myself to plow through words on a screen. It  His content is substantial and fascinating as well. Being as young as I am, it gives me a new perspective on education to see someone who is an adult go through the same classes I am. A 52 year old freshman is something not many could boast about. How he arrived there is a great story and I want to know more about his police career before his decision to come back to school. His posts remind me of the expression, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” His posts actually compelled me to do things I’ve wanted to do but haven’t in a while (a while for a 19 year old, however, constitutes as a few months or a few years for perspective). Far too many people simply it’s too late for me to do x, y, or z and Dennis is countering that continued practice very well.

It’s stunning someone has the dedication to go back to school, and make the Dean’s list, while already having a career and a family. His most recent post about how high school students are not prepared for school really hit hard to home. I can attest to many of my friends who failed classes in their programs such as pharmacy, engineering, and pre-med. Most of them graduated with 3.8 or above GPA’s and still feel overwhelmed by the jump in content and workload as they do not possess the time management skills to do it all because they never learned them in high school. That connection makes me feel obliged to read on to search for anything else I can relate to. Having a commonality, such as that, is really effective at keeping a reader’s attention.  Dennis’s blog connects to a reader that I hope to able to incorporate in mine. I try to back away from a personal connection in writing because I’ve always tried to follow the rules of sticking to a third person perspective, however, seeing how persuasive it is in a blog format, I will try to use it more in online environments. I will still use a third person perspective as much as possible when it comes to objective work though. As I try to expose music to people in my blog, I will be sure to try and connect it in things in my own life experiences that readers can relate to. 


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